Junkohol was born out of the desire to reuse and recycle objects and materials which aren’t in use and thrown out. these materials can be transformed into valuable objects, accessories, jewellery, furniture, bags, purses and more.

Every few days, I visit one of the recycling centres around. I already know where they are and what types of recyclable waste each of them contains. each visit I get very excited, The thought of ‘what I’ll find this time’ is exciting me over and over again. I arrive, rummaging through all the goods. I’m inspired by the materials and objects I find and in particular books and magazines. My thoughts and imagination start to run forward and picture the new project I’ll make out of the items found.

We are continuously developing new products and looking for new ways to transform the materials and objects which are thrown-out into desired items.



a term used for fashion items and objects which are created from used, thrown-out and recycled elements. A blend of the words ‘trash’ and ‘fashion’.