Makeup Pouch From Medicinal Herbs book Paper



This pouch can be carried inside your bag or can be held with its strap on your wrist.
I found this book in second-hand books shop on a visit to Barcelona and I fell in love with the pictures in the book.
The book tells about ancient Catalonia.
I took the book home with me and started to make my art with the pages.
It is made of the original pages and thus one of a kind.

The paper is processed in a unique technique to make the bag durable.
It is coated by special polish and attached to a thin fabric and then used as a fabric.
A match has been made between the two sides of the bag to create harmony look for each bag.
Each bag is unique and made of the original pages. It is one of a kind.

On the inside of the bag rich fabric.
The text is in English.

Materials: paper, Gobelin fabric, metal (copper)
Colors: white (background), yellow, green, purple, pink (pictures)

Size: Width: 18 cm, Height: 15 cm
the purse contains enough space to hold short hand cream, and most makeup products.

The purse is covered by water repellent coating and is best cleaned by wet wipes.


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