10 Must Follow Recycled Fashion Blogs

 When it comes to making your wardrobe more sustainable and ethical, it can be hard to know where to start. Ethical fashion can seem unapproachable or too expensive, or you simply might not know where to look for the kinds of brands you want.

Social media plays a huge part in our lives, so transforming your social media feeds can be a great way to transform your mindset. Curate your feeds to follow more bloggers who are passionate about the cause, and they will help you to discover brands that are beautiful and affordable.

So, if you’re looking to bring more recycled fashion inspiration into your life, here are some of the best recycled fashion blogs to follow. From media brands hoping to transform the way you think about sustainability to individuals documenting their journey through eco living, each one brings something fresh to the table that will help guide you down a more conscious path.

Top 10 Recycled Fashion Bloggers to Follow

1.      Literally Nataly @natalyelbaz

Born in Tel Aviv, fashion blogger Nataly now lives in Oxford, England, and runs the blog Literally Nataly. With a background in luxury fashion, she believes that fashion shouldn’t be harmful for our planet, and uses her platform to introduce ‘ethical, eco-friendly, and sustainable brands.’

2.      The Sustainable Edit @jen.brownlie

The Sustainable Edit, which has been run by Jen Brownlie for a number of years now, is a great source for green-living inspiration, including recycled fashion.

Jen uses the blog and her Instagram page to document her journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle – this includes slow fashion, green beauty, and simple living. Full of style inspiration and stunning photography, Jen uses her blog to demonstrate that you can ‘enjoy life’s little luxuries in a more natural and sustainable way.’

3.      Katie Roberts @sustainabilityinstyle

Katie Roberts has been on a mission for a decade now, starting Sustainability in Style in 2010. A ‘fashion and sustainability expert’ Katie conducts academic research into sustainability within the fashion industry, with the goal to empower readers to become ‘resilient, mindful, and conscious consumers’ while still looking fabulous!

As well as posting fashion inspo, Katie hosts live events online and has made her website a treasure trove of resources for people looking to shop (and live) more sustainably.

4.      Uppish @uppishlondon

Based in London, Cameron is a self-proclaimed ‘luxe thrift obsessive.’ That means that you’ll find her Instagram page full of #ootd of the day inspiration with a twist – all of her clothes are ‘pre-loved’: luxury second-hand or vintage pieces, sourced from thrift stores up and down the United Kingdom (as well as further afield).

Cameron is a true champion of recycled fashion, and her outfits are stylish and chic making her a must-follow presence if you’re looking for style inspiration.

5.      Eco Warrior Princess @ecowarriorprincess

Founded by Jennifer Nini (@jenniferbnini) a decade ago, Eco Warrior Princess is your ultimate source for green living news and updates, including recycled fashion and green beauty. EWP is more than just a fashion blog, it’s a ‘community of clever, stylish, discerning people’ who want to be part of a movement to change the way we live.

The fashion section showcases the best and brightest in sustainable, eco conscious fashion brands and the latest news from the fashion industry.

6.      Sustainably Chic @sustainablychic

With the tagline ‘because fashion can exist responsibly,’ Sustainability Chic bills itself as an online destination for all things eco lifestyle, with a predominant focus on fashion. The founder, Natalie, started the blog in 2014 and it’s gone from strength to strength since then.

Natalie is a champion of sustainability and using your power to make change for good when it comes to style shopping. Her Instagram page is full of outfit inspiration, from casual everyday wear to swimsuits.

7.      Conscious Life and Style @consciousstyle

Elizabeth Joy of Conscious Life and Style believes in making ethical fashion and eco living ‘approachable and accessible for everyone’ and this really shines through in her blog and Instagram page. Here you’ll find guides on everything from ‘size inclusive conscious clothing brands’ and where to fine eco friendly gifts for everyone in your life.

In addition, Elizabeth regular shares snaps of her latest outfits and her simple, chic style created using recycled fashion brands will inspire you to transform your wardrobe for the better.

8.      Simply, Liv @thesimplyliv

Liv is a mom, coffee shop owner, and advocate for ‘simple living.’ She uses her Simply, Liv blog to document her personal journey toward a more simple, sustainable life while inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.

When it comes to fashion, Liv believes in ethical fashion and has been committed to buying from only ethical retailers since 2016. She even documented the moment she decided to transition into ethical fashion. As a result, she showcases the brands she loves and gives tips on how to live a simple life that are inspiring and easy to follow.

9.        Blue Ollis @blueollis

If you’re interested in yoga, meditation, and conscious fashion you’ll love Blue Ollis’ blog. Blue is an advocate of low waste living, with an emphasis on slow fashion and veganism – what more could you want?

On her blog and Instagram page, you will find gorgeous outfit inspiration from ethical brands with an emphasis on recycled and second-hand fashion.

10.   Moral Fibres @moralfibresblog

Started by Wendy Graham in 2013, Moral Fibres is a blog dedicated to sustainable living that’s ‘hip not hippie.’ Wendy works in the sustainable industry, so she really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to all things eco living, from cooking to clothing.

In the fashion section, you’ll find Wendy showcasing recycled jewelry and fashion brands and providing guides on how to shop in a more ethical way.

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