Reasons to Choose Personalized Gifts

There’s an age-old question: What do you buy for the person who has everything?

Gift giving should be a fun and rewarding experience, but when you’re struggling for ideas it can be challenging and frustrating. The perfect solution (even for the person who has everything) is a personalized gift!

Why Personalized Gifts Are The Perfect Option

Whether it’s handmade jewelry, recycled accessories, homeware, or clothing, here are just some of the reasons why a personalized gift is always a great idea.

1.      Personalized Gifts Are Guaranteed To Be Unique

There’s nothing worse than arriving to a party and watching someone unwrap their gifts only to realize another guest has bought them the exact same gift as you! With a personalized gift, you can throw this fear out of your mind.

As you’re taking the time to choose the personalized elements of the gift, it’s unlikely that anyone else will have had the same thought and made the same purchase.

2.      It Adds a Personal Touch to Any Gift  

The clue is in the name: personalized gifts have a personal edge over something you pick up from a store.

Whether you’ve known the recipient for a lifetime or just a few weeks, personalization brings a personal touch to an otherwise ‘generic’ gift – whether that’s a mug, key chain, a photo frame, or a purse.

3.      They Don’t Break the Bank

Personalized gifts don’t have to cost the earth. You can get sweet, thoughtful gifts – like personalized jewelry [insert link] – for much less than you might imagine. That means you get to give a gift with thoughtfulness and emotional impact for the same prize as something that’s much less personal and touching.

4.      It Makes the Thought Really, Really Count

They say that it’s the thought that counts, and as more thought goes into a personalized gift, it must mean that they count even more!

Let’s face it: anyone can pick up a gift from a shelf. Having a gift personalized takes more time and thought, showing how you’ve gone that extra mile to show that you care.

5.      A Personalized Gift Shows How Well You Know Them

Personalization can go above and beyond adding someone’s name to a gift. You can send them a personal message, add a photo of the two of you, include the lyrics to their favorite song, or customize a gift so it includes all of their favorite colors.

Adding a personalized twist not only takes time, it takes knowledge of the person you’re gifting to. Crafting the perfect message shows them how much you know, love, and care for them.

6.      They Can Help to Strengthen Bonds

When you show how you love and care for a person with a customized gift, it can help strengthen the bond between you. These gifts really speak from the heart, and the person you’re gifting to will definitely feel it, bringing the two of you together. 

7.      Personalized Gifts Are More Memorable

Think back over life events – holidays, birthdays, even anniversaries – how many generic gifts have you received, only to stuff them into a cupboard never to be thought about again? Then again, they might have been so nondescript that you can’t even remember getting them!

The truth is, sometimes we give gifts that just get forgotten. It’s no-one’s fault, really, but it is a fact of life. However, when you taken the time to have a gift customized, it usually means that it won’t be banished to a dusty drawer to live out it’s life alone.

8.      They’re Suitable for Every Age and Gender

The beauty of personalizing a gift is that you can customize it to make it appropriate for anyone and everyone – from welcoming a new baby into the family through to wishing your grandparents a happy birthday.

No matter age or gender, you can personalize their gift to fit!

9.      And They’re Perfect for Any Gift Giving Occasion

Whether it’s a holiday, a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, or just to say thank you – a personalized gift is sweet and thoughtful for any occasion.

Knowing that you have a fail-safe option for any gift-giving occasion can also take the stress out of gift shopping.

Why Personalized Jewelry is An Even Better Gift

Nothing shows your affection quite like buying your loved one a piece of jewelry, and it’s even sweeter when you take the time to have the piece customized just for them.

At Junkohol, we create unique jewelry from upcycled paper, like dictionaries and magazines. So, what better way to send your message of love and affection than with a personalized ring?

Whether you want to say I love you, thank you, or something that only the two of you will understand – we can put your special message into a unique ring! [insert link]